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Re: postscript-enabled mozilla package anyone?

Brad Sims <bmsims1@insightbb.com> writes:

> I actually have a postscript printer, and would like to continue to use it. 
> However, I guess I need to throw my laserjet out now that uber-devel got a
> bug up his butt. (How it got past his head is beyond me.)

Well I believe that xprint outputs postscript. It just does it in a
different way. I believe is xprint is like an x server. Mozilla or
whatever program sends it whatever you want to print as a series of
x-thingamabobs and it converts that to postscript, so that each
program doesn't have to have code to generate postscript.

But yeah, I think it's retarded to drop support for generic-postscript
if it's already there.

Bijan Soleymani <bijan@psq.com>

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