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Re: D-I Issue on partitioning. [Was: Re: Debian vs. other distros]

Pim Bliek | PingWings.nl wrote:
> Thanx for the reply, but unfortunately... What you mention is exactly what
> I did. This gave me a new screen which had only *one* option: whipe my
> whole drive first before you partition manually.
> Sorry, I cannot describe the *exact* dialogs, I am doing this from memory.
> But trust me, I was so amazed by this one that I walked through *all*
> options several times over and over again. It is *not* there.
> It just doesn't show any free space / partitions it can install onto or
> where you can create new partitions... It just shows "the drive" as a
> whole and the only suggestion is to completely whipe it first.
> Also, I didn't *want* to create new partitions, which the program assumed.
> I wanted to *RE-USE* existing ones...
> When I removed (using fdisk in seperate shell) the three earlier created
> Linux partitions which I wanted to install on, and went back to the
> partitioning menu. Now it showed the 17 GB or so as *free* and it was now
> happy to allow me to manually partition them.
> Sorry for the lengthy explanation. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I missed
> something. But that would suprise me, as I really checked and double
> checked and double checked and and :).

It sounds to me like the partitioner was not able to read the existing
partition table or possiby the partitions on the drive, since if it
could, it would have displayed all the partitions for you to edit. Or you
did the wrong thing. If you'd like to file a proper installation report
and include the contents of /var/log/debian-installer/ from the system
you installed, we might be able to work onfixing this.

see shy jo

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