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Re: D-I Issue on partitioning. [Was: Re: Debian vs. other distros]

Thanx for the reply, but unfortunately... What you mention is exactly what
I did. This gave me a new screen which had only *one* option: whipe my
whole drive first before you partition manually.

Sorry, I cannot describe the *exact* dialogs, I am doing this from memory.
But trust me, I was so amazed by this one that I walked through *all*
options several times over and over again. It is *not* there.

It just doesn't show any free space / partitions it can install onto or
where you can create new partitions... It just shows "the drive" as a
whole and the only suggestion is to completely whipe it first.

Also, I didn't *want* to create new partitions, which the program assumed.
I wanted to *RE-USE* existing ones...

When I removed (using fdisk in seperate shell) the three earlier created
Linux partitions which I wanted to install on, and went back to the
partitioning menu. Now it showed the 17 GB or so as *free* and it was now
happy to allow me to manually partition them.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I missed
something. But that would suprise me, as I really checked and double
checked and double checked and and :).


> Pim Bliek | PingWings.nl wrote:
>> Downloaded the new Debian Installer, latest version (110 MB CD Image)
>> and
>> booted it. It went like a CHARM. Only thing I had some difficulties with
>> was the partitioning of the disk. D-I guys, please have a look at the
>> dialogues here, because if you already have all space on your drive used
>> by partitions (like I had, I just want the D-I to re-format the Gentoo
>> partitions) it gives you NO CLUE at all. It continues to scream that it
>> wants to whipe your whole drive. NOT NICE.
> I'm sorry, what is so hard about choosing the other menu item, that is
> entitled "manually edit partition table"?
> --
> see shy jo

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