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Re: D-I Issue on partitioning. [Was: Re: Debian vs. other distros]

Pim Bliek | PingWings.nl wrote:

[issues about the new Debian Installer partitioning routine]

When I downloaded/used the new Sarge installer about a week ago, I found that I hated partitioning routine, simply because it seemed to take so many keypresses and jumped from screen to screen. It worked fine, and is probably a good method for newbies, but to me it seemed too convoluted; I really would have liked to have seen an "Advanced" option that drops you into cfdisk. Or alternatively, split the screen into two sections; one which stays focused on the whole drive (like the beginning screen of the partitioning routine), and one that reflects what's going on with the particular partition you're currently working on (like the other screens of the routine - format ext3 or reiserfs, leave alone, etc).

(I tried to find a bug report/wish list for the DI where I could say this, but this time couldn't seem to find it, so since the topic arose, and Joey's reading this thread . . . :-) )


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