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Debian vs. other distros


I'm fairly new to Debian, and have been using RedHat/Fedora for a while. I
would just like to state that all the reading that i've been doing on
which distro is better, and why...seem to be misleading. Alot of people
say that Fedora is better when it comes to installs, and so is SuSE. Now,
I know that it all depends on which distro you like...but I think that
Debian beats them all!

I have had issues installing Fedora Core 2, (and 1), but no matter what,
Debian installs like a charm...and quick to. Despite being
text-based...the installer is one of the best i've seen. Plus, I like the
fact that you can pretty much "apt-get" anything.

Anyway...just wanted to share my $.02!

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