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Re: Debian vs. other distros

Pim Bliek | PingWings.nl wrote:
> Downloaded the new Debian Installer, latest version (110 MB CD Image) and
> booted it. It went like a CHARM. Only thing I had some difficulties with
> was the partitioning of the disk. D-I guys, please have a look at the
> dialogues here, because if you already have all space on your drive used
> by partitions (like I had, I just want the D-I to re-format the Gentoo
> partitions) it gives you NO CLUE at all. It continues to scream that it
> wants to whipe your whole drive. NOT NICE. 

I'm sorry, what is so hard about choosing the other menu item, that is
entitled "manually edit partition table"?

see shy jo

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