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RE: VMware-4.5 workstation under Debian/testing?

I'm running 4.5.1-7568.

I've run under sid and sarge, with no problems whatsoever.  The modules
compile fine under 2.4.25-1-386, 2.4.26-1-686 and 2.6.3-1-686 - easy
enough that I switch back-and-forth (re-running vmware-config.pl) when
I'm testing the different kernels.  I've used USB, CD, Bridged,
Host-only, NAT-over-wireless, built-in-samba, stand-alone (apt-get)
samba, SCSI and IDE virtual disks, snapshots, persistent and
non-persistent disks, you name it.  I've hosted MS-DOS-6.2.2, Debian,
RedHat 7.3/8.0/ES-3r2, NT4 WS/Servers, Win2K, Win98, WinME and Gentoo
under it from time-to-time.  I've even run Cygwin under Win2k to run
X-Apps under 2K under Debian.

VMWare is one rock-solid piece of software.

And yes, I keep an XP partition for my games. <sigh>


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On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 12:10:23PM +1000, glenn wrote:
> Hi Ishwar
> I run vmware workstation on sid (upto date latest, you know the one
> unistalls samba and kde and messes with cups) with 2.6.6, and have
> on 2.6.5 for ages, and server out windows advanced server to upto 3
> clients with it. There were some hassles getting it going initially,
> that was a previous build. The current build has no trouble compling
> vmnet modules etc. You'll need to have installed the kernel headers
> package for the kernel you are using.
> The only 2 cavets are my one attempt to use a usb device in windows
> failed, and oneday after an apt-get dist-upgrade, my cd and dvd
> devices

I am having the same problem and it seems to be mostly dependent on
hotplug, although I am not completely sure.

Having hotplut disabled and just usbcore and usb-uhci loaded and
/proc/bus/usb mounted gives it a chance.

Their docs say that the usb device can't be claimed by kernel drivers
so that is probably whats causing the problem.

> suddenly appeared as removable devices, and won't let me use cd's as
> offers to format them. I haven't put any effort into fixing these
> and may yet turn out to be trivial.
> Best of luck
> Glenn
> On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 10:22, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
> > I am interested in running vmware-4.5 work-station under
> > (2.6.5). The software (not purchased yet) has a rpm package
> > and a tar.gz that contains files for RH/Mandralke/SuSe. Is any one
> > running it suceesfully under debian?
> > 
> > -ishwar
> > 
> > 
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