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RE: Problem installing Sarge from ISO images

Hi Hugo, 

Here are my exact steps....

I boot from iso disk 1 to start the install process.  
The base system installs ok and reboots
After reboot I get the configuration menu screen.
I set time, configure apt and such...
Then I choose "select packages to install" and that is when the install
hangs. It just sits there doing nothing. No other screens appear. 

I manualy reboot the machine and this time I go directly to the shell as
root and try to manully do things like...
Run apt-setup which works
I then type tasksel so I can select some packages to install.  This works
and I select a couple of packages. However when I select finish it asks for
disk 1.  I put disk 1 in and hit enter.  It does not read the disk and asks
me again to insert disk 1.

Thanks for your help, 


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Galicic, Joseph R. wrote:
> I'm having a problem installing Sarge with ISO images.  I get the base 
> system installed ok.  After the first reboot I am presented with a 
> configuration menu.  I get as far as configuring apt by letting it 
> scan 5 of my iso images.  I have no net connection.  It scans my cd's 
> and says that apt is configured and I can select over 3500 packages.  
> When I go to select the packages the install hangs.

What do you mean? He scans the CD's, you put in all 5 of them, one at a 
time. Then he asks you whether you want to run tasksel, or whatever, 
what do you say?

Does he install packages?

Do you ever get: "Thank you for choosing Debian"?

    After rebooting I ask for a shell and
> manually type tasksel and get to choose some packages to install.  
> When I select finish it asks me for the fisrt iso image.  I put the cd 
> in and hit enter and it continues to ask me for disk 1 over and over 
> again.

You mean he says "Insert CD#1", you do so, he reads it, and says "Insert 
CD#1" again, or he keeps saying it without reading the CD?

   Any ideas
> what I am doing wrong.  Is the Sarge installer broken?  I have had the 
> very same problem on two different machines now. Thanks for any 
> adivce.  --Joe


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