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Re: Kernel image

Hello Pedro!

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 01:12:36AM +0000, Pedro M. wrote:
> Florian Ernst escribió:
> >This exists already for kernel patchlevels, just as mentioned above.
> >
> >You want to extend this to minor and major kernel versions, which I
> >think is risky and a misfeature.
> >
> minor+minor+minor = major

No. minor = patchlevel + patchlevel + patchlevel + major breakage +
general overhaul + patch + testing + patch + ...; and major? well,
it's still only 2.something for the kernel...

> >Yes, I understand, but I simply don't like the concept.
> >
> You don't have to use the program if you don't like. You can upgrade 
> manually.

Just as I said in my first reply: I won't use it, but everybody is
free to do so if they want.


PS: I read the list, thus I don't want a CC, if you please.

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