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Re: Kernel image

Florian Ernst escribió:

Hello Pedro!

On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 11:49:47PM +0000, Pedro M. wrote:
Florian Ernst escribió:
|fernst@live:~$ apt-cache search kernel-image-2.4- | wc -l

Not that much, at least in my eyes. YMMV.

try apt-cache search kernel-image* ;)

Yes, certainly, but that's something entirely different. You said you
only want the latest kernel-image, and exactly these seven packages
provide them for 2.4 while five more packages exist for 2.6.
Your search lists all the versions, and that's a lot for sure.

And very difficult for a newbie to...

Yes, but you cannot include a simple command in a tutorial or guide to do it....
Well, determine your 'architecture', meaning -386 / -586tsc / -686 /
-k6 / -k7 (possibly SMP) on IA32, you _should_ know better than any
script, install appropriate kernel-image, lean back.
We are talking about upgrading from an architecture to the same one, in a different kernel version.

And another thing : the user doesn't have to worry about this things and look for the porperly package (transparent installation).

This exists already for kernel patchlevels, just as mentioned above.

You want to extend this to minor and major kernel versions, which I
think is risky and a misfeature.

minor+minor+minor = major

upgrade -next to upgrade to next version and then (if selected ) upgrate to the next version and so on... to the last one ( if the user selected to finish the upgrading in the last version or not).

I don't know this system. I am suggesting ->>>> kernel-image-lastversion-samearchitecture (by default; the user could change it, using options).

Yes, I understand, but I simply don't like the concept.

You don't have to use the program if you don't like. You can upgrade manually.


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