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Mozilla and mailcap entries

Doesn't Mozilla 1.6-1 use /etc/mailcap??

Playing with Netjuke which sends playlists as audio/x-mpegurl I wanted 
to modify how xmms is called.  I wanted to add -e so that songs are 
added to the playlist instead of replaced.

BUT, although mozilla reads /etc/mailcap and ~/.mailcap (per strace -e 
trace=open) I can't seem to change anything.  I even munged xmms and it still

$ fgrep xmms /etc/mailcap ~/.mailcap
/etc/mailcap:audio/mpeg;        xmms1 '%s'; nametemplate=%s.mp3; test=test "$DISPLAY" != "" 
/etc/mailcap:audio/mpegurl;     xmms2 '%s'; nametemplate=%s.m3u; test=test "$DISPLAY" != "" 
/etc/mailcap:audio/x-scpls;     xmms3 '%s'; nametemplate=%s.pls; test=test "$DISPLAY" != "" 
/etc/mailcap:audio/x-wav;       xmms4 '%s'; nametemplate=%s.wav; test=test "$DISPLAY" != "" 
/etc/mailcap:audio/x-ogg;       xmms5 '%s'; nametemplate=%s.ogg; test=test "$DISPLAY" != ""
/etc/mailcap:application/ogg;xmms6 '%s'; nametemplate=%s.ogg; test=test "$DISPLAY" != ""
/etc/mailcap:audio/x-mpegurl;xmms7 '%s'; nametemplate=%s.m3u; test=test "$DISPLAY" != ""

Also, the pop-up window "What should Mozilla do with this file?" says:

  o Open it with the default application (X Multimedia 
    System (No URI's))

where's it getting that description of xmms?  Note that I do not have 
xmms setup as a mozilla helper application.

Two other mozilla questions:

1) For most "downloads" I like mozilla's download manager window to show 
up.  Can that be disabled for some file types (like in this case for 
song lists)?

2) Anyone notice with Mozilla that links with a target pop-up a blank 
window but then writes to the main window?  I'm wondering if this is a 
problem with only my setup.

For example this link on a page:

<a href="http://bumby/netjuke/search-adv.php"; target="NetJukeSearchAdv" 
title="Click To Access The Advanced Music Search Utility.">SEARCH</A>

indeed opens a new window but the content does not go to the target but 
still displays in the main window.

Bill Moseley

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