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Re: Gallery 1.4 claims newer PHP version

Jacob S. wrote:

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 14:31:09 -0300 Arlequín <amahoro@adinet.com.uy>

Everything is fine...

phpinfo() shows 4.3.3 now... Upgraded the php4-mysql, php4-pear,
php4-imap, php4-pgqsl packages and then dkpg-reconfigure php4-mysql
dkpg-reconfigure php4-pgsql dkpg-reconfigure php4-pear dkpg-reconfigure php4-imap

Restarted apache, LoadModule line: added.


But now I can't run phpMyAdmin  :(

It seems the extensions for MySQL / PostgreSQL aren't recognized,
but the php.ini file has them...

hmm... phpMyadmin seems pretty basic. I can't imagine why it wouldn't
 run. It seems like there should be something basic to fix that, but
I don't know off hand. I'd suggest posting back to debian-user and
see if anyone else has had that problem before.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_get_client_info() in
/var/www/phpMyAdmin/libraries/defines.lib.php on line 47

Line 47 states:
$client_api = explode('.', mysql_get_client_info());

I suppose it's a problem with the php4-mysql package which extends php in order to use mysql...

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