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Re: Gallery 1.4 claims newer PHP version

Jacob S. wrote:

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 13:15:59 -0300
Arlequín <amahoro@adinet.com.uy> wrote:

Timo Railo wrote:

In terms of PHP, 4.1.2 really is a quite old version. You could try php from unstable tree (edit /etc/apt/sources.list, adding unstable there) then do apt-get install php. Just remember to change back


I wonder if that way I  broke the deps tree... because at this moment,
I have php4 installed in my Woody box and a couple of packages
involving php4 (posgresql, mysql modules, et cetera).

Woody was installed using 7 CD-ROMS, I have no http lines in my atp sources.list, just the one for security updates... :-\

Probably not. PHP version 4.1.2-6woody3 is the latest release in Debian
Woody. It's the age old debate about whether Debian Stable is current


Well.. I've added a backport from


deb http://www.heydon.com.au/debian unstable/
deb-src http://www.heydon.com.au/debian unstable/
deb http://www.heydon.com.au/debian stable/
deb-src http://www.heydon.com.au/debian stable/

And the php4 package now is 4.3.3 but phpinfo() still shows 4.1.2....

I think I'm about to start a messy situation here   :_(

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