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Re: Gallery 1.4 claims newer PHP version

Rob Weir wrote:

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 01:44:17PM -0300, Arlequ?n said

Well.. I've added a backport from


deb http://www.heydon.com.au/debian unstable/
deb-src http://www.heydon.com.au/debian unstable/

Uh, why do you have these?

And the php4 package now is 4.3.3 but phpinfo() still shows 4.1.2....

Did you restart apache?

Jacob S. wrote:

> Yes, backports can be if you're not familiar with what you're doing. For
> starters, I recommend you keep a list written somewhere of what packages
> you've installed from backports... just in case you need to downgrade
> and get back to tracking only Debian Stable.
> First you'll need to check /etc/apache/httpd.conf and see if the newer
> php4 package added a LoadModule line in the appropriate place. If it
> didn't, you may need to add one. (If you add one, make sure you delete
> the LoadModule line from php 4.1.2!)
> Now restart Apache and see if it gives you any errors. If it doesn't,
> try phpinfo() again and see if it's not the newer php version.
> Also, if this works, don't forget that you'll also need to install
> backports for any other php packages you have - such as php4-mysql,
> php4-pear, php4-imap, etc.
> HTH,
> Jacob

Everything is fine...

phpinfo() shows 4.3.3 now...
Upgraded the php4-mysql, php4-pear, php4-imap, php4-pgqsl packages and then
dkpg-reconfigure php4-mysql
dkpg-reconfigure php4-pgsql
dkpg-reconfigure php4-pear
dkpg-reconfigure php4-imap

Restarted apache, LoadModule line: added.

But now I can't run phpMyAdmin

It seems the extensions for MySQL / PostgreSQL aren't recognized, but the php.ini file has them...

Just in case....
How can I downgrade....???!!!

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