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Re: can't get php in woody to work

> "... when loging from another machine it doesn't work, even worse, can
> read only the default index." Do you mean another machine is logging to
> the server with Apache on it or is there something on the server that
> you're logging into from another computer?
> What is the error you're seeing when "any other page is refused by the
> server"?
> P.S. Please don't set a Reply-To. You already have Mail-Followup-To set
> correctly; the Reply-To just makes it harder to honor your MFT request.
(sorry, i will fix it later in my .muttrc)

The problem was simpler than I thought. First, I had to uncomment the
given lines in httpd.config (may be a bug should be filed?, i.e.,
after installing some php package, may be at least the option to
modify httpd.config should be offered)
After that, the permissions in the code were another problem. Watch
for that. And then finally, my last problem was that my router was
routing wrong. Now all is taking care of.

Thanks everybody.

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