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Re: can't get php in woody to work

On Sat, Feb 07, 2004 at 10:06:02AM -0500, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> Last night I made a fresh installation of a woody system for a
> production system, which is mostly going to be a web server. A lot of
> the work relies on php scripting. I have installed almost every module
> that I could find of php4, moved to that machine some working php
> scripts and programs, but from what I can see it is not working. When
> trying to access http://ip.of.machine/php.script from another machine
> (say, from this one running sid) firebird tries to download the
> script. This is a clear sign of php not properly installed. But I
> can't find the root of the problem. The main default index page
> installed by debian in apache is working fine.

Well, I googled and found
Sure enough, those lines were commented, uncommented them, and here is
what I get next:
edu:/etc/init.d# apache restart
[Sat Feb  7 11:17:53 2004] [warn] module config_log_module is already loaded, skipping
[Sat Feb  7 11:17:53 2004] [warn] module mime_module is already loaded, skippingedu:/etc/init.d# apache reload
 same thing

Still not working. How do I force apache to not skip reading the

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