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Re: dvips TeX printer driver

brownh@hartford-hwp.com (Haines Brown) writes:

> [...] the dvips command now prints. 

I'm glad it worked.

> My plain text files print darker than my .ps files, and I did not see
> anything in info dvips to suggest one could control that, probably
> because this is an issue for the printer itself. But then I don't see
> how there is the difference in weight.

Is it possible that the font your text files come out as (as rendered
by the printer) is a thicker or heavier font than the font you are
using in your TeX/LaTeX documents?  I assume when you print plain text
is comes out in some default printer font, whereas when you print
postscript, I think the file contains the font information.  (We're
beginning to go beyond my understanding, so I could be wrong about
this.)  But, I do know that the default TeX/LaTeX font is computer
modern (typically) and it is a pretty light font.


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