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Re: dvips TeX printer driver

In article <[🔎] 20040206163700.2AE14212@teufel.hartford-hwp.com>, Haines Brown wrote:
> When I migrated to debian, I lost my ability to print LaTeX files. No
> information is sent to the printer.
> The printer driver is dvips, and I assumed that it was included in the
> LaTeX package, for that was the case with my LaTeX installation under
> RedHat. Under Debian, is the driver a separate package, and if so what
> is it called? 

I'm using tetex, and it is wonderfully wel. dvips is in the tetex-bin

I wonder why you say "no information is sent to the printer". Do you
have dvips installed, but is it simply not working? Can you grenerate
proper .ps files, and can you see them with ghostscript (or gv, etc).


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