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Re: Has anyone ever thought of getting the reply-to changed?


* Steve Lamb wrote (2004-02-08 12:04):
>Thorsten Haude wrote:
>>Do you suffer from cognitive dissonance? Don't you see how many people
>>use Mutt and are quite happy with it? Do you think they get money to
>>say so?
>    No.  But they suffer from cognitive dissonance in saying that mutt (and 
>procmail...) are the end-all, be-all solution to all mail problems.

Who said that? I certainly didn't.

>It is not.

Of course not.

>But it seems you're suffering from that cognitive dissonance because...

Ok, let's see your 'you too' approach of conflict solving.

>>You shouldn't believe them if they claim that Mutt is trivial to set
>>up, but you can believe them that it is highly efficient.
>    ...what about my statement was contradicting this?

Well, your are either contradicting or highly irrelevant. Your
statements sure sound as if meant to appply universally, not your very
own person. If you would have said that you checked out Mutt and the
tool chain but it didn't work out for you, there would be no conflict.

I never claimed that Mutt would be the best MUA for everyone.

>Note what I said. "...spends an inordinate amount of time to make it
>passingly usable."  Ok, how does you telling me that I should not
>believe them if they claim Mutt is trivial to set up in any way
>different than me saying "the user... ...spends an inordinate amount
>of time to make it passingly usable."  It doesn't!

(Gee, your sentences are wild! Please keep them shorter, not everyone
here is a native speaker.)

According to Merriam-Webster it sure does. Setting up Mutt does
certainly not "exceed reasonable limits", it is very well worth the

>>And when I say 'feature' I don't talk about a theoretical possibility,
>>but about something that could actually be put to good use.
>    Get back to me when mutt can access multiple accounts and preset a view 
>of the folders as well as the index in those folders.

If you a miss one certain feature, go code it.

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