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Re: Linux is not for consumers!

Apparently, _John Hasler_, on 12/14/03 15:11,typed:
H. S. writes:

But we are fortunate the kind of attitude that some programmers and
hackers have is not so common outside their community. Imagine going to a
charity medical camp and explaining your problem and getting a retort in
return similar to "Go read a book on medicine first," or "To really
appreciate what your problem is and how to solve it, you must go to a
medical school first."

That has no relevance to the Emacs documentation.  It is just telling you

No it doesn't and neither was it intended. But it has some, probably even more, to the statements similar to the ones I mentioned.

"Everything you need to know to use Emacs is here, but this is where to go
should you wish to learn even more."  Objecting to that is silly.

If you were to read my post more carefully you will notice that I had agreed with the previous poster and started off by "True." Maybe I should have changed the para for more clarity ... oh well.

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