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Re: Linux is not for consumers!

Apparently, _Roberto Sanchez_, on 12/14/03 10:48,typed:
H. S. wrote:

Good thing this is not a common approach, else everybody would be *told* they *must* know image processing theory and compression theory to view an mpeg movie on a computer!


I find that learning the theory behind something (when I have the time)
makes it significantly easier to understand what is happening and why.
It also exposes the poor design of many programs :-)


True. But we are fortunate the kind of attitude that some programmers and hackers have is not so common outside their community. Imagine going to a charity medical camp and explaining your problem and getting a retort in return similar to "Go read a book on medicine first," or "To really appreciate what your problem is and how to solve it, you must go to a medical school first." :))


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