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Re: I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 at 22:52 GMT, Bijan Soleymani penned:
> I agree that the installer isn't that difficult to get through but
> once you're done you're faced with a text mode login. When you're new
> and don't know any command this isn't very useful. I mean there's a
> huge step between that and having a working X setup, etc. On the other
> hand distributions like Red Hat, Mandrake, Suse, etc. once you finish
> the install you boot up into gnome or kde.

Yes, but not everyone *wants* a working X setup.  One of the major
gripes I had with Red Hat (several years ago, mind; this was version 6.x
or 7.x) was that its networking scripts appeared to be optimized for
its GUI configurators rather than hand-hacking, with no comments in the
scripts and strange file separations.  As the machine in question was
not intended to run X, this was somewhere between annoying and

(I'll readily admit that the problem may have been me, but the above was
how I interpreted the situation.)

When I do run X on my machines, I still prefer to run it from startx,
rather than from xdm etc.  If all I want to do is run some console
utilities, I don't need the X overhead.

> I compare the current installatin process with the process of
> installing knoppix to the harddisk. 
> Knoppix: 1) Put knoppix cd in.  2) Boot.  3) Run knx-hdinstall.  4)
> Partition disks.  5) Wait 20 minutes.  6) Reboot into kde or whatever
> X setup you like.
> Plain Debian: 1) Put cd in.  2) Boot.  3) Partition disks.  4) Get
> module selection dialog.  5) Get network setup dialog.  6) Get asked
> where you want to install from.  7) Reboot.  8) Get asked a bunch of
> other questions.  9) Get dumped into tasksel or dselect.  10) Get
> dumped into scary text mode login.

Scary to whom?  Given a choice, I'd much rather be dumped into a text
mode login than into an unfamiliar gui interface.


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