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Re: Logitech MX310 mouse: Dead extra button?

On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 10:01:59PM -0800, Tom wrote:
> > Wow, that was something I would have never thought of.  However.. no
> > dice.  xev reports nothing but MotionNotify events, and hexcat'ing the
> > device produces the same things when I move the mouse, regardless of
> > whether I'm holding the button or not. :/
> You can probably install the Windows DDK and use a firewire or serial 
> cable with the Kernel debugger to learn more.  In my experience at M$ it 
> is possible to do most of the things Linux kernel hackers do without any 
> source.  Obviously with full .pdb's you get the best stack traces, but 
> M$ releases "stripped pdbs" that give you maybe 80% of what you need.

Hm, I don't have any windows installations, but I've been thinking about
hacking into the linux kernel to check whether this button truly is
silent, or if it's just sending malformed data of some sort.  But then I
run into the weird kernel/hardware problems I've been having lately,
which kinda prevent me from doing any kernel experimentation.  Sigh.  I
should try to work that problem out more and see if I can get it solved,
so I can work on this one. :)

Err.. Woah!

Before I hit send on this message, I decided to plug the mouse into my
NetBSD machine (can't believe I didn't think of that already).  'cat
/dev/wsmouse0', and garbage spews out.  Hit the little middle button
and... garbage!  Woohoo!  So the mouse isn't broken or insanely flawed -
that's GOOD.  Now, to find out why Linux doesn't recognize this button,
and attempt a fix. :D

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