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Re: Logitech MX310 mouse: Dead extra button?

* Nick Welch (mack@incise.org) [031119 14:52]:
> Just got this mouse, and I seem to have a dead button.
> The mouse has 8 buttons: the 2 usual buttons, a wheel (i.e. 3 more), one
> on either side of the mouse, and one just behind the wheel (image here:
> <http://images10.newegg.com/productimage/26-104-136-03.JPG>).  I looked
> around and figured out how to get all buttons going in XFree, which
> consisted of this in my XF86Config:
> Section "InputDevice"
>   Identifier "Logitech MX310"
>   Driver     "mouse"
>   Option     "CorePointer"
>   Option     "Device"       "/dev/input/mice"
>   Option     "Protocol"     "ExplorerPS/2"
>   Option     "Buttons"      "8"
>   Option     "ZAxisMapping" "7 8"
> EndSection
> And then feeding this to xmodmap to swap 4/5 and 7/8 around so the wheel
> becomes buttons 4/5 (so it works normally in apps), and the two side
> buttons become 7 and 8:
> pointer = 1 2 3 7 8 6 4 5
> So at this point I have the usual buttons 1 through 5, plus 7 on the
> left side and 8 on the right.  However... button 6, the little button
> behind the wheel, doesn't work.  xev reports nothing.  Running hexcat on
> /dev/input/mice produces nothing whatsoever when pressing this button.
> So assuming that the kernel doesn't even seem to know that this button
> is being pressed, I'm guessing either:
> 1. The mouse is extremely funkily designed and only activates that
> button when certain conditions are met, i.e. installing their software
> in windows.  However, there have been so many lots-o-buttons mice that
> work fine under unix-alikes and XFree, that I can't imagine they'd do
> that for this one mouse that I decided to buy.  Another possibility is
> that it sends really weird things usb when that button is pressed;
> things that the kernel doesn't understand and therefore doesn't pass on.
> 2. My mouse is just broken.
> 3. I'm missing something really big?  Changing the protocol XFree uses
> has no effect, as one would expect.  No matter what, that button is
> totally silent..

Does xev report anything if you press and hold the button and drag the
mouse?  My guess is that the mouse might have some EmulateWheel logic
built-in.  So that holding that button down and moving the mouse up/down
(and maybe even left/right) is like rolling the wheel up/down (or
clicking buttons 6 and 7, or something).

good times,
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