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Re: Installing modem.

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From: "Aaron W. Hsu" <noorah@aaronhsu.com>
To: "Kent West" <westk@acu.edu>
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Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 10:52
Subject: Re: Installing modem.

> I have come into this thread pretty late, but from what I understand,
> you are trying to get a modem to work.  It's a PCI modem, and you can
> see it mentioned in the kernel as ttyS04.  The problem, as I see it,
> is that you can't get the modem to respond to any calls from any
> programs?
> If I understand this all correctly, I had a horrible time with this
> a while back with another computer, where I could get the PCI modem
> automatically recognized and used in RedHat, but in Debian I could get
> nothing out of it.  Some wise user showed me how to fix this:
> 1. Use /dev/MAKEDEV to make the ttyS4 device in /dev, as your kernel
> will normally not make it for you.
> 2. The device should now be available under that name, and you should
> be able to use it freely in any system, you should probably also
> symlink it to /dev/modem so that some dialer programs will work
> properly.
> I hope this helps, tell me if I misunderstand what you are trying to
> do, and sorry if this was OT.
> Aaron Hsu
You are on target however there is some question, in my mind at least, where
the modem is installed in linux. KDE says it is d000-d007 others say it
should be ttyS04 and ttyS4 my system seems to list ttyS? as TTYS??. Windows
XP installed it on com4, which impilys that it should be probably on TTYS03.
Perhaps I'm just confused because I dont know enough.  Thanks for your input
I'll keep it in mind.

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