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Re: heres my noob install questions, smart people please help

On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 02:22, Hoyt Bailey wrote:
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> Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 21:47
> Subject: Re: heres my noob install questions, smart people please help
> In linux or windows I dont qualify as smart but I have some experience with
> this subject.  I think you are under some misconception about whats
> happening.  I had a windows system and a RH system on the same disk.  The
> RH system auto mounted the windows at /mnt/windows so I had access to all
> of the windows files it was easy to transfer xxx to RH by cp xxx xxx.  I
> was mostly using gimp on the RH but could not think of a way to transfer
> from RH to windows except via floppy.  Consider the following when windows
> is mounted on the linux system it is just a file on a directory
> (mnt/windows) windows isnt running!  Should you write a file to
> /mnt/windows there is nothing to check for free space, 

Surely the Linux that you're running will check for free space if you write 
to a FAT32 partition?   

> nothing to register
> the file as far as windows is concerned the file dosent exist but you have
> corrupted the system by overwriting files that it knows about.  What would
> happen ?  Who knows! 

Hmmm...  I have a Lose98 partition on my box...    maybe I'll just copy a 
couple of files to it and see what happens when I boot w98 again....   

(Btw, DOS doesn't care if I do that.    Nor is DOS nearly so paranoid about 
where it boots from.    A far superior OS to Windows, is DOS     8)


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