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Re: Mainframe & thin-client (was Re: Microsoft good press over Longhorn)

To wind this down a bit....

(massive snippage)

> > > > Thin Clients might be suitable for copy typists, data entry clerks
> > > > and Dumb Users.    Certainly not for engineers or anybody who's
> > > > likely to be reading this list.   If we thought Microcrap was the
> > > > greatest we wouldn't be on this list, right?
> > >
> > > Guess what?  Thin-clients work *great* on Linux!  http://www.ltsp.org
> > >
> > > TC obviously isn't suitable for your tasks, but to say "Does anyone
> > > wonder why I hate Thin Clients...?" is a very "big" sentence.
> >
> > *I* hate Thin Clients, for the very good reasons I stated.   I never said
> > everybody else has to, I guess there are zillions of Windoze users out
> > there who are perfectly happy locked in a cosy padded cell.
> Again, it's MS, not TC.

OK, let's just say that I *hate* Thin Clients when they're loaded with 
nothing but Micro$oft software.      I have no experience of Thin Clients 
running Linux so I'd better reserve judgement on those.   :)


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