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Re: POP3 mail fetcher that supports unreliable connections?

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 05:14:10PM -0500, Mark Roach wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 10:08, Bijan Soleymani wrote:
> [...]
> > There is another important objective: "doing the right thing". It is
> > simply not acceptable to lose mail. Even if it isn't fetchmail's fault,
> > fetchmail should be fault-tolerant (deal with a misconfigured mail
> > system). Fetchmail should scream loudly: your mail system is fubar,
> > bailing out now! I don't know if this is possible, but I think that
> > that would help a lot of people.
> It is not. 
> Here is an analogy for you to complete (fill in the blanks). If you set
> a shredder under your mail slot, and your mail gets shredded, it is your
> mail carriers fault because ____________________. And they should know
> what's on the other side of that slot because ____________________. ;-)

I still think it would be nice if fetchmail didn't send my mail through
the shredder by default :)

But it's ok, whatever, I'm happy with my current setup...

I'm just saying that this is one way that fetchmail goofs. Another
example is how sometimes the MTA will complain about illegal headers.
The MTA of course expects to be talking to other machines handing it
mail, not fetchmail. So the MTA doesn't accept the message, fetchmail
won't delete it, and the spam just piles up in the mailbox. Sure you can
set your MTA not to check if the headers are valid, but if your machine
actually does directly receive mail then that's not a good solution. So
now you need to run two MTAs one for receiving mail directly and another
for fetchmail...

Bijan Soleymani <bijan@psq.com>

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