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Re: GUI login screen and non-root shutdown...

>> As a normal user, you don't have permission to shut down. You have to
>> reconfigure whatever session manager you're using (kdm, gdm, wdm, xdm)
>> and edit the appropriate config file to allow normal users (or at least
>> you) to shut down. Figure out which session manager you're using and let
>> us know ("ps ax | grep [d]m" should give you a good clue), and then we
>> can probably be more specific as to what needs to be changed in what file.

That would be appreciated, also from my side. I found it a bit strange
yesterday, when I reinstalled debian on a laptop, that I couldn´t login as
root graphically, and also that as a normal user I can´t shutdown or reboot
graphically or in text. Only via su.

Also, how can one get out of the whole x system under Debian? To get back into
text mode? I also haven´t found a method of booting into text.

Regards, Hakim.

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