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Re: GUI login screen.

Hoyt Bailey wrote:

There are a few things I dont understand about Debians login screen.
1.  Root cannot log in on this screen.  Why?

Security issues.

2.  The sessions secect drop down menu has: Gnome, Gnome chooser, Debian,
KDE, Xsession, Failsafe Gnome, Failsafe KDE.  When you leave Gnome or KDE by
pressing the logout button you are told that you can logout, change logins
or shutdown.  Well I cant figure out how to shutdown other than login as me
and start a terminal su, enter password, and issue the shutdown command.
This is too much Cntl-alt-del would be simpler assuming I wanted to go to
Windows,  But how do you to go to shutdown -h now?

As a normal user, you don't have permission to shut down. You have to reconfigure whatever session manager you're using (kdm, gdm, wdm, xdm) and edit the appropriate config file to allow normal users (or at least you) to shut down. Figure out which session manager you're using and let us know ("ps ax | grep [d]m" should give you a good clue), and then we can probably be more specific as to what needs to be changed in what file.


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