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user reboot/shutdown (was Re: GUI login screen and non-root shutdown...)

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 03:22:21PM +0100, S. Hakim Hamdani wrote:
> That would be appreciated, also from my side. I found it a bit strange
> yesterday, when I reinstalled debian on a laptop, that I couldn?t login as
> root graphically, and also that as a normal user I can?t shutdown or reboot
> graphically or in text. Only via su.

This reminds me of a situation I faced over the summer. I was
demonstrating something to a work-colleague and I was using X. So, I
instructed my window manager to exit, which returned me to wdm's login
screen. I then entered my username and password and changed the
drop-down box to 'reboot' (I think).

My colleague remarked on how I had to log out and then 'login' (or at
least re-authenticate) to reboot the computer. He is from a different
school of OS thought ;-)

This has been nagging at me since. I thought the solution might be a
package to manage permissions for users performing these operations,
which could be driven from the menu-system. Does anyone have any
thoughts about this?

Jon Dowland

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