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Re: update in sid has killed gnome-terminal

> > I originally assumed you were the OP, but skimming the archives, it
> > appears that you are not.

I am th OP

> > The original poster posted a statement, not a question.  The
> > statement was, "I just did an upgrade in a machine running sid and
> > after that can't star a gnome terminal anymore."

Right, I just made a comment, it was not really a question at all. Just
as you talk to your friends across the aisle: Hey guys, did you notice?,
there was an accident in such and such street! Probably with so much
spam people don't want any extra talk.

> > Now, granted, rudeness was probably uncalled for, but what
> > legitemate response would you expect?
> If one isn't feeling terribly helpful but really, really, really has
> to say something:
>  "I'm running Sid too and I've noticed that gnome-terminal isn't
>  starting but I don't have the time to diagnose the problem for you.
>  Could you please post more information?"

Sorry David, you took a lot of crap that was intended for me. I just
chickened out, when I saw the angry responses I just vanished into the
thin air. Any way, thanks to all the people in this list, thanks to all
the mantainers, thanks to Christian Marillat for the great work (mplayer
included!), who is the gnome-terminal mantainer. I like the signatures
of Vinet and Karsten: Good times. Peace.

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