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Re: update in sid has killed gnome-terminal

On Tue, 2003-10-21 at 08:59, David Lloyd wrote:
> <big snip>
> You know what?
> All you technical whizz bang, dumbass geeks haven't even given a link to
> how to fix the problem. You've HINTED at what it is, but there's no
> solution.
> You're so fucking helpful.
> <<-((


Search for fontconfig.

All it takes is COMPREHENSION. If you cannot understand what they are
hinting at, the you certainly should NOT be running Unstable. Actually
doing a bit of looking first will nearly always resolve your getting
flamed here. We can tell when someone just WANTS AN ANSWER. We (actually
*I*) always try to teach people to fix things on their own... but
obviously you just wanted the fish for today, and go hungry tomorrow.

Good day to YOU cornholio.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net
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You are as frightful as an engine developed solely for the countenance
of sexual inuendo by country music.

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