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Re: update in sid has killed gnome-terminal

On (21/10/03 22:29), David Lloyd wrote:
> <big snip>
> You know what?
> All you technical whizz bang, dumbass geeks haven't even given a link to
> how to fix the problem. You've HINTED at what it is, but there's no
> solution.
> You're so fucking helpful.
Ouch !  Hi David

I'm not any sort of geek, dumbass or otherwise.  The assumption is that
if you're running "sid" then you are a geek (or very brave).  I run
woody because it is stable (and OK the packages are a bit old) with

The point about sid is that it is bleeding edge software and recommended
mainly for those who know what they're doing.  I've not followed this
thread, so I'm ignorant of what led you to this outburst.

I've been similarly frustrated on many occasions (because of my lack of
knowledge) however, you need to remember that these "dumbass geeks" are
under no obligation to help you and unlikely to do so if abused ;)

So I would suggest that you politely ask for help rather than venting
your frustration on those who are volunteers.



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