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Re: Wins with DHCP

Alice Pinard said on Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 06:18:38AM -0700:
> Hi, I have a debian firewall set up as a dhcp server, dhcp3.
> Recently I set up a wireless subnet along with my wired subnet. Now
> windows machines on the wired subnet can't see the wireless machines for
> purposes of file sharing and vice versa. All machines can ping each other.
> Sounds like a WINS issue from what I've managed to gather. I've seen hints
> that I may be able to do something to the dhcp server on my debian
> firewall to handle the WINS stuff between the subnets but I'm a little
> lost. I'd appreciate a pointer to a relevant FM to R if anyone is aware of
> which FM it might be :)

You can setup samba to act as a WINS server, and then use dhcpd to tell the
Windows clients where that WINS server is.

The appropriate DHCP server configuration settings (for the ISC dhcpd, anyway),

# Note: if you only have one WINS server, you should specify it's IP address
# twice, otherwise Windows will sometimes fail to use it.
option netbios-name-servers,;

# Tells windows to only use WINS for NetBIOS name resolution, instead of
# broadcasting packets all over the place.
option netbios-node-type 2;

The samba setting you want is:

wins support = yes

However, you should only do this on one samba server on your network.


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