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Re: Routing table drops packets via ppp0

On Tue, 2003-10-21 at 03:39, Mark Devin wrote:
> I am having some trouble getting routing to work properly on a box with 
> three network connections.  One, eth0, is connected to a router and is 
> the default gateway.  Another, ppp0 (eth1 - ADSL) is connected to a 
> private network on the address range.  The third is a 
> standard LAN (eth2) on
>  From the debian box, I can ping other machines connected via the ADSL 
> modem via ppp0.  I can also ping machines on the internet via eth0 from 
> this box.  In addition, any machine on the Office LAN can connect to 
> machines on the internet.
> However, if a machine on the office LAN tries to connect to a machine on 
> the network, the packets disappear somewhere in the 
> debian box.  I can see the packets coming in with tcpdump but then they 
> disappear.  The debian box does not try to route them at all.
> Note that I have switched off all firewalling and switched ip_forwarding 
> on in the kernel.
> The problem is related to the ADSL - ppp0 interface.  The routing rules 
> look OK.  I can ping from the debian box via ppp0 to hosts on the 
> connected network.  However, if I ping from the office LAN, the packets 
> do get to the debian box OK, but it doesn't route them out ppp0.  It 
> just seems to drop them.  There is nothing in the logs to indicate any 
> errors.  The packets just disappear.
> The setup looks like this:
>    Internet
>        |
>      x.x.47.224/27 Router x.x.47.225
>        |
>    eth0| x.x.47.226
>        |
> #------------#  (eth1 -ppp0 ADSL)
> # Debian Box #-->x.x.16.78-->
> #------------#
>        |
>    eth2|
>        |
>        |
>     Office LAN (
> The routing table looks like:
> # route -n
> Destination     Gateway         Genmask        Flag Met Ref Use Iface
> x.x.16.78 UH   0  0  0   ppp0
> x.x.243.224 U    0  0  0   eth0
>   U    0  0  0   eth2
>    x.x.16.78   UG   0  0  0   ppp0
>         x.x.243.225         UG   0  0  0   eth0

Silly question:

Are you running a routing daemon?

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