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Re: wxWindows + building from source in Debian

On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 09:47, Dave Howorth wrote:
> Mark Roach wrote:
> >>The specific question is why these particular dependencies are arising. 
> > The reason is that all of those wxwindows packages come from the same
> > source package. Why exactly did you decide that you needed to compile
> > the whole thing again?
> The full story is in the previous messages, which I trimmed to save 
> bandwidth :)  But briefly, I need wxWindows to be able to build a 
> specific non-Debian application. wxWindows is not supported on Woody, 
> which is what I run. Hence, I need to compile it.  Not sure what you 
> mean by again?

Ahh, gotcha. I meant "again" as in one more time for my feeble mind
which has forgotten :-)

That being the case, you could just grab the backport from this source

deb http://www.arrakis.es/~frigola/pyslsk woody/

I highly recommend apt-get.org for finding backported packages.



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