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Re: wxWindows + building from source in Debian

I wrote:
I need wxWindows to be able to build a specific non-Debian application. wxWindows is not supported on Woody, which is what I run. Hence, I need to compile it.

Mark Roach replied:
That being the case, you could just grab the backport from this source
deb http://www.arrakis.es/~frigola/pyslsk woody/

Thanks for that suggestion, Mark. I tried it yesterday but it failed. With the benefit of a night's sleep I can now see why. The backport was made for use with an application that uses the python interface, so the binary package and -python backports are available but not the -dev or -headers. Sadly, I want to build a C++ application :(

Luckily, Roberto Sanchez had already said:
> I've been thinking about it, and in your case it iw probably easier
> build it from upstream and install it in /usr/local/.  Later, when
> 2.4 makes it into stable, you can just install those packages and then
> remove your upstream libraries.

I'll try this approach now. Thanks, Roberto.

Cheers, Dave

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