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Re: wxWindows

Joerg Johannes wrote:
On Friday 17 October 2003 16:13, Dave Howorth wrote:
I need to install wxWindows 2.4 on a Woody system so I can build
another application (TreeView X).  Does anybody have any idea of the
best way to do this, and what steps are involved?
apt-get install wxwin2.4-doc wxwin2.4-examples wxwin2.4-headers

Version 2.4 is only available for testing and unstable, not for Woody, from the standard sources. And I strongly suspect it will be incompatible because of the libc6 version issue.

So perhaps I can add to my question - is compiling wxWindows from source the best option or are there backports or whatever? If compiling is the best option, are there any known problems? Are all eleven packages necessary, and is there any easy way to select them all?

Thanks, Dave

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