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Re: More on spam

On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 10:57:20AM -0700, Tom wrote:
> I think a more precise definition might be "unsolicited commercial or 
> organizational email from a source in which I have no interest."
> If I respect an organization, I'll read what it sends me.  The problem 
> is too many organizations think they deserve my respect.

Ok, for me, I'd chop off the last part though - "unsolicited commercial
or organizational email".  I think the emphasis should be on the
unsolicited part, if I want your stuff I'll request it, thank you.  I
mean Debian did just start sending me the debian-user mailing list,
regardless of whether I was interested or not.  

Spammers don't want your respect, they want your money (or money
substitute) -- even the non-profit ones.  


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