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Re: More on spam

On Friday 17 October 2003 12:53, Jeff Elkins wrote:
> I agree that it's not that difficult. Perhaps "heroic" was a bad
> choice of words, but I'll still wager that a significant percentage
> of newbies won't take the time to set up an aggressive anti-spam
> system, but will migrate away from this (and other) listservs if this
> isn't somehow brought under control.

I agree, and have argued for years, that spam will someday be the main 
threat to many online foras unless brought under control. 

Unfortunately, using a good anti-spam system is a necessity today, and 
so I think one approach to the problem is to include a good SA config 
with the exim4-config-package. Something that makes use of exiscan-acl 
to reject spam at SMTP-time. 

In fact, I think one of the things that may be driving users towards 
Debian is the availability of a very powerful, easily configurable 
anti-spam systems such as SpamAssassin. 

Nevertheless, I think some kind of obfuscation of e-mail addresses in 
the archives may be a good idea. 


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