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Re: More on spam

On Friday 17 October 2003 12:07 pm, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> Consider "John Doe", a new user of debian who does his homework by
> searching the web and the archives for the solution to problems he
> encounters before posting to the list.  Now suppose John finds some
> information in the archives that seems relevant to his problem, but he
> doesn't find all the information he needs about the solution.  Now
> suppose the addresses are available, as they are now.  John can
> contact the individual directly and ask for clarification on something
> or more details or whatever.  If the addresses weren't available John
> would be unable to ask the person directly, and if the person is no
> longer following list mail then John might not get the support he
> needs.

I'm sure there are many solution for this problem, just to mention one that 
have been used before: you can give a picture made by yourself of your mail 
address written by free hand. This is extremely difficult to break by a 
I'm sure that there are many other solutions available, the problem here is, 
as with many things in debian, the enormous inertia that you have to break in 
order to make the majority of the people understand that something is 
*really* a problem that should be taken care of.

Swen is a *real* new thread to the debian community, cause we depend on 
mailing lists for feedback more than any other distro. 

> If your email service is unacceptable, complain to your email
> provider.  You must create a business case for them to act.  All
> commercial providers are in it for the money (aka business) and unless
> you are affecting that then they won't care.

Not everybody lives in USA where your mail provider is a big company, you 


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