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Re: More on spam

On Friday 17 October 2003 12:37 pm, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
>The only problem is that a solution to this problem will take
>literally *years* of educating Windows users and sysadmins.
>This all blew up in just a few days, but will take a very long
>time to fix.  Unless you go the unpopular route of forcefeeding
>things like "trusted computing" and blocking all home users with
>a firewall at the ISP and only allow outbound ports 80 and 443.
>But that would effectively turn large chunks of the Internet into
>passive receptacles for the WWW (which is only a very small part of
>the Internet).

I agree 100%

But you do have to adapt or be faced with being in the position of a dinosaur 
standing of the edge of the tar pits. We are not using Arpanet.

My personal situation involves an ISP (Earthlink/Sprint) and a personal server 
with a static IP address.  In one week my personal server has gotten hundreds 
and hundreds of Mb of swen spam, merely because I posted to this list with an 
address that shouldn't have been used, rather than my public Earthlink 

 My error, my fault.

I know that there are measures I can take to protect my server that I have not 
yet taken (I am researching, believe me.)

Even so, I don't see the downside in removing my email addresses from the 
world wide web...which as you say is "only a very small part of the Internet"


Jeff Elkins

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