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Re: More on spam

> I don't see what you could do about it before it reaches you machine in
> that case.
> Whoever runs a (corporate?) mail server these days without a spam filter
> should be considered legally insane.

The server have an antispam runing but swen messages are not technically spam.

> Now that would be the poblem of the guy that doesn't filter the mail at the
> server.And unfortunately yours when you get your messages.

I refuse to believe that the normal way a mail server should work is been 99% 
of the time handling spam. This is not a production server of a big companny, 
the only reason for us to be reseving all this crap is because I suscribed to 
this debian list, so I would say that it's a debian problem too.

> I don't think this is going to happen - unfortunately.


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