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Re: More on spam

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 05:57:15AM -0700, Sidney Brooks wrote:

> Filters will not solve the problem. The problem is
> that so much spam is coming in that it overloads the
> allocated mailbox space and then Yahoo, and I presume
> other services, refuse to accept more email. 

Of course, if you had actually been _reading_ the many threads on this
topic recently, you would already know that there _are_ filtering
methods that work, and work very well.  There are filtering options that
are much better than relying on Yahoo's own filters.

> A filter
> can divert spam into trash, but trash counts against
> your quota until you delete it. You can't use the
> "reject sender" option, because the spammers targeting
> this site change the name of the sender with just
> about every message. 

Sure, if you restrict yourself to using Yahoo's own filters.
But you can use fetchmail or fechyahoo to automatically download your
mail as often as you want, in conjunction with whatever filtering tools
you want to set up on your own machine.
Even if you use _no_ filtering, this eliminates the "mailbox full"
problem... unless you get enough spam to fill your hard drive.

> Allowing some program to judge
> which messages to accept or throw out wont work either
> because it would reject desired messages that it
> thought looks like spam.

Personally, I'm prepared to accept the extremely low false-positive rate
that a well-trained bayesian filter will provide. If you prefer to
examine _every_ message personally, that's easily achievable.  Default
on most filtering programs is to put suspected spam into a folder where
you can review it if you want.

Obviously, these solutions aren't perfect. Obviously, in a truly
enlightened world, there would be no spammers. But in the here and now,
filtering strikes me as a better solution than sitting around
whining about how "the spammers have won". You may be beaten, but I'm
still fighting, and easily holding my own.

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