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Re: More on spam

Jeff Elkins wrote:

I agree that it's not that difficult. Perhaps "heroic" was a bad choice of words, but I'll still wager that a significant percentage of newbies won't take the time to set up an aggressive anti-spam system, but will migrate away from this (and other) listservs if this isn't somehow brought under control.


The only problem is that a solution to this problem will take
literally *years* of educating Windows users and sysadmins.
This all blew up in just a few days, but will take a very long
time to fix.  Unless you go the unpopular route of forcefeeding
things like "trusted computing" and blocking all home users with
a firewall at the ISP and only allow outbound ports 80 and 443.
But that would effectively turn large chunks of the Internet into
passive receptacles for the WWW (which is only a very small part of
the Internet).

Just my $.02


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