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Re: pppd daemon

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 08:35:03PM -0800, J Y wrote:
> Yeah I knew I left ping on too long..I wasn't sure if it exited on its
> own. I'm wondering if the exit status isn't the result of my finally
> doing ctrl-c ? 

Nono, what you do with ping won't affect the exit status of

> Anyway I do appreciate the help-this has been one pain to
> resolve. I will check permissions on /etc/ppp/ip-up.d and recently there
> have been no error messages when using pon (not that I remember) but
> I'll try again. I don't know how many scripts there are in the file
> /ip-up.d but I will try what you recommended. 

s/file/directory/... There are only a few scripts; the number varies
depending on your installation but you'll find about 4 or 5.

> Unless of course the
> permissions check produces something. I also wonder if I could just copy
> my SuSE ip-up.d files to debian? Although they might not be compatible.

I think that might be inadvisable: it would introduce more "unknowns"
into the system, and at a point when we're probably nearly there.


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