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Re: pppd daemon

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 09:34:36PM -0800, J Y wrote:
> I spent some time reading pppd man8 and after experimenting with 
> /etc/ppp/options I found that commenting out the "connect" line gave 
> me 
> an appearance of kppp connecting. By-the-way I have checked permissions 
> and they seem to be ok. So kppp's statistics box shows activity both in 
> the bottom graph and in the virtual modem lights. When I open lynx 
> though and arrow down to google I get "Alert: unable to connect to 
> remote host"  Mozilla's dialogue box just says whatever url I type or 
> click on in debians local page "...could not be found check the name and 
> try again." And yes I have tried to dialout many times. I'm getting a
> little punchy with this problem. Sorry about the email foul ups.
> Should I try to reinstall the dialout or whatever software group debian
> calls it with taskel? .

Well, have you in fact connected, according to plog? And can you ping
a numeric IP (try 'ping') ? If so, could be
your DNS isn't working. With a dialup, chances are your ISP's giving
you "dynamic DNS". Try sticking "usepeerdns" in the relevant file in
/etc/ppp/peers (default /etc/ppp/peers/provider).


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