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Re: Help, OSX vs Linux

> I don't think so. I'm the one that has to support the box in the end, and why 
> should I pull my hair out administering OSX server when I know a Linux box can 
> do basically the same thing.

<Devil's Advocate>

	Well, from the perspective of a boss I'd say it's not about you. 
You're being paid to pull your hair out, so if the gains in productivity
from Apple hardware and OS are worth more then the cost and your salary,
your boss is probably not going to go for Debian.  Not wanting to
trouble yourself is /NOT/ a good reason to pick Debian.

	However, if you can demonstrate good reasons to Debian is superior to
OS X (Server?) you probably will get your wish granted.  Because
management looks at more then what you want.

</Devil's Advocate>

So try to spin your arguments in a way management finds favorable so you
don't have to pull out your hair.  ;-)



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