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Re: Help, OSX vs Linux

Quoting Mark Ferlatte <ferlatte@cryptio.net>:

> I haven't seen any uptime or speed benchmarks, so I can't comment on either
> Debian vs. OS X with respect to uptime or speed.  I would guess that you
> would
> require a bit less downtime with Debian, since you would be able to just
> apt-get update && upgrade without rebooting most of the time, where OS X
> does
> require reboots after Software Update.  However, those are pretty minimal.
> If you have performance benchmarks, please share them.

When I refer to Debian being faster I should have been more specific.
I'm meant to say that clients interacting with the server is waaaay faster with
a debian server. Even an old PIII with 128 meg Ram on a 10 base network.
vs a new G4 with half a Gig of Ram.
When you have 30 clients login to the server at the same time, OSX server 
copies the prefs over or something. In may take 2 minutes for a machine to 
As with netatalk, you can avoid appletalk protocol and just mount a share to 
the desktop. You can't get the fancy features from Mac Manager but users get 
home directories and other share points. (hand in folder etc.)
Are the features of Mac Manager worth the purchase of OSX Server?
I don't think so. I'm the one that has to support the box in the end, and why 
should I pull my hair out administering OSX server when I know a Linux box can 
do basically the same thing.
I believe the staff want the OSX box because its the latest greatest thing from 


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